te is an annual bilingual publication on contemporary arts and cultural anthropology. Based on specific themes of each issue, we commission practitioners from different expertise to explore the dynamic cultural landscape between regions. The topics include the fluidity of cultures, languages and ideas in specific communities and the adaptation of individual narratives to the shifting social environment and geopolitics.

te aims to create an open and shared creative platform. The content can range from written articles, interviews, poems and photographs etc. We would also love to include manuscripts, notes, archives and other first-hand materials that documents or go along with the outcome. We hope to see the provided content as an extension of the author's daily practice; at the same time, we look forward to generating new forms of content through communication with the author.



Michael Guo & Kechun Qin

Can Yang

Yang Sun


Murder Anecdote
Gu Tao

The notion of the border is vague to hunter-gatherers, the Ewenki people. What is also dim is their consciousness after drinking alcohol that also performs as a substitute testifying to their spirit. During several visits, Director Gu Tao and his father Gu Deqing became acquainted with the Ewenki people living on the border of the Northeastern frontier. From the documentation of the two generations, we will understand the plural roles that alcohol undertakes in the life of the Ewenki people and how it carries the ethnic group towards an unknown future.