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te is an annual bilingual publication on contemporary arts and cultural anthropology. Based on specific themes of each issue, we commission practitioners from different expertise to explore the dynamic cultural landscape between regions. The topics include the fluidity of cultures, languages and ideas in specific communities and the adaptation of individual narratives to the shifting social environment and geopolitics.

te is the Hokkien pronunciation of "tea": [dæ]. The pronunciation provides evidence for early globalisation, embarking from Quanzhou of The Maritime Silk Road to Europe, where te became tea. Although the European pronunciation of tea still prevails, most of us have forgotten its etymology and have no means to trace its evolution. Therefore, we hope to create a publication with fluidity. As a state of the contemporary, fluidity signals a propensity to connect. By capturing the phenomena from the gaps between material development and cultural concepts, we hope to generate new discourses and activate this notion of collectivity.

Michael Guo & Kechun Qin

Can Yang

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